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Ohnos, mogster is up to something again! I think he has gone kupo for kuponuts!

  Moogles.org goes public today

October 1st, 2005, by Mogster

News to come.

  This is where the story begins

September 20th, 2005, by Mogster

The moogles.org project has begun. I was browsing around for old domain names that I use to own just for something to do, and I happened to come across moogles just as it had come available again.

Back then, it was used mainly for redirection to our main site RPGN, however eventually the domain name faded and expired, and some advertising company snagged it away on me!

This time around, I plan to build a site dedicated to those critters we love so much! I haven't decided what all sort of content we will have yet, but I have some ideas. Check back every so often to see how things go. Kupooooooo~!

Sigh, again I must ramble on about nothing specific so you can get a general idea of what content might look like, if I ever get around to writing any.

Hey, give me a break! I only bought the domain name like yesterday. Its going to take me some time to gather up a pile of moogle stuf to post up here ^_^ Hopefullly I can find some die-hard moogle fans and we can even get some fan art! Woot.

I need to remember to ask Firefly about using her moogle drawing in the header banner next time I see her online. I hope she won't mind. Of course I'll give her full credits for it, its awesome. :) Its alright if she does though, I just needed to put something there so I could get a general idea of how the header might look.

K kup kupoo kupo ku! Kupooo? Kupohoho! Don't you speak kuponese? Aww, you poor un-mooglized person. I hope to dispell some of the secrets of the moogle language as time goes by. ^_^

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